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School Nurse

*Please include your school site/student name/grade when emailing. 
Health Clerk: Sheily Tejada 
Phone: 909 - 861 - 6277 ext: 54006
Please visit our district website, for all information and updates related to COVID-19. 
COVID-19 Vaccination Information
Before any children under age 18 years are admitted to any pre-kindergarten facility or (TK/K-12) school in California, either public or private, California law (17 CCR section 6065) requires that a parent or guardian present an immunization record to staff. 
The personal immunization record must: 
1. Identify the student by name & date of birth
2. Show the month, date, and year when each required vaccine was received 
3. Have the type of vaccine received 
4. Include the name of physician or agency who gave the vaccine. 
Reference: California Immunization Handbook 2019 pg. 5
7th Grade Advancement:
California law requires that all students entering 7th grade receive a Tdap booster shot AND two (2) chickenpox (varicella) shots. See 
Reference: California Immunization Handbook 2019 pg. 11
For more information about schools immunization requirements and resources, visit the California Department of Public Health's website at
California Education Code Section 49423 allows the school nurse or other designated school personnel to assist students who are required to take medication during the school day.
If you anticipate a visit to your child’s physician or dentist and expect that medication may be prescribed or the dosage changed, please stop by the school office or see Medication Required During School Hours Consent