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Hello, and welcome to my page! 
I am so excited to be your teacher this year. I am happy to assist in whatever ways I can! Here is a list of frequently asked questions and tips for my class:
Q: Where can I find my homework if I forgot to write it down in my binder reminder?
A: Homework is posted to the Google Classroom daily, along with reminders about ALEKS topics, upcoming test dates, and other class activities. Whenever I post an announcement to the Google Classroom, an email is also sent to your school email. Be sure to check this frequently!
Q: How do I get 100% on a homework assignment?
A: Your grade is based on how well you did on the Big Ideas assignment. If you only completed 83% of your Big Ideas homework, the highest score you can earn on your homework is an 8.3/10. In addition to completing your homework online, you MUST write out the problem, show ALL work, skip lines, and box your answers. You will not receive credit on a homework assignment until the online and physical components have been completed. If you have not shown enough work on your homework, I will ask you to redo the assignment or fix the missing problems and you will be given half credit (the assignment will be counted as late).
Q: I forgot to turn in a homework assignment. Do you accept late work?
A: YES! I accept late work for all assignments that are missing within the semester they occurred in, except ALEKS topics. Late work will be awarded half credit, provided all requirements of the assignment have been met. 
Q: I didn't score so well on a test. How can I retake it?
A: Any test with a score below an 80% may be made up. In order to retake a test, any late assignments for THAT CHAPTER must be completed and turned in, and you must take the practice test on ALEKS until you score a MINIMUM of 80%. The highest score you can earn on a retake is an 80%, so if you score a 93% on a retake, it will still be counted as an 80% in the grade book. I will record the higher of the two test scores in the grade book. If you would like to make up a test, it must be done in the quarter it was taken in. Benchmark tests are not allowed to be retaken. 
Q: How do I do test corrections?
A: Have your parent / guardian sign your test, then on a separate sheet of paper please write out the problem you missed, show the corrected work, box the answer, and write a 1-2 sentence explanation of what you did wrong in that problem / how you can fix it for next time. If you got 100% on the test, you only need to have your parent / guardian sign the test. All corrections are due the next block day.
Q: I lost my test... can I still do test corrections?
A: YES! Please write the questions you got wrong on a separate sheet of paper, follow the test correction instructions above, and then write your test score on the paper and have your parent / guardian sign it. 
Q: When are ALEKS topics due? Can I turn them in late?
A: ALEKS topics are assigned every Wednesday and are due the following Tuesday by 10 PM. If you did not finish a topic goal, you can turn in late topics by doing extra topics for THIS WEEK'S topic goal. Because Topic Goals are time-sensitive, you cannot go back and turn topics in for a week that has already passed (unless you have a time machine!). Once again, just complete extra topics for the current week to make them up. Late topics will be given half credit, just like any other late assignment in my class.
Q: How can I study for your tests?
A: PRACTICE TESTS! Practice tests are open an entire week before the test and close at 10 PM the night before the test. They are just like the real test... the numbers are just changed! How cool is that? It's like having the test an entire week beforehand to practice with! You have unlimited retakes on practice tests. The more you study the practice test, the better you will do on the test. 
Do you have additional questions? Feel free to email me or ask during class! 
Let's have a great year, Cougars!
-Mrs Cardona