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Please go to Google Classroom for all assignments.
Please email me at if you have any questions.  

How will I complete assignments starting April 20th? 
I will post a video of myself teaching the lesson(s) at the beginning of the week in Google Classroom. Students should take notes on the video lectures, just like they would in class. I will upload assignments in Big Ideas and ALEKS, which will also be posted under the “classwork” tab in my Google Classroom. Assignments completed in Big Ideas will need to have full work shown in order to earn full credit. 

How will you check my work? 
Students need to title their work page with the assignment number/chapter, write down the questions, show all work, and box their final answers. They will then take a picture of their work and attach it to the corresponding assignment in Google Classroom to demonstrate they have shown their work. Credit will only be given to students who submit their assignment in Big Ideas AND upload a picture of their work to the Google Classroom assignment. Students must click MARK AS DONE in order in Google Classroom once their picture has been uploaded for assignments to be graded. 

When are assignments due?
All Big Ideas assignments are assigned on Tuesday mornings and are due by Friday at 10 PM. 

ALEKS Topics and Percentage Goal
ALEKS topics due dates and assignments have not changed. 5 ALEKS topics are assigned on Wednesdays and are due by the following Tuesday at 10 PM. Students are still expected to reach their percentage goal by May 22nd, 2020. This will count as a 100 point assignment in the test category.  (Algebra - 70%, Math 7 Advanced - 70%, Math 7 - 55%). 

How do I make up ALEKS topics? 
In order to make up any topics you did not finish, please complete the number you missed under the current week’s topic goal, and then send me an email letting me know that you completed extra topics. (For example, if you did not complete Topic Goal #13, you would be completing 10 topics this week to complete the 5 topics you need to do on time in addition to the 5 topics you did not complete previously. If you missed 2 weeks of topic goals, you would be doing 15 topics, etc.) 

How can I turn in late work? 
If you have late work from PRIOR to March 13th,  please EMAIL me a picture of your work for that section. If you have late work from work assigned after April 20th, please upload a picture of your work to Google Classroom, and then click MARK AS DONE. 


Will we still have tests?
YES. Tests will be announced one week in advance on Google Classroom. At that time, I will open up that chapter’s practice test for you to complete in ALEKS. Tests will be given on Tuesdays OR Thursdays during one of the math blocks. Students will be held responsible to log in during the given testing window to take their test. 

Test Details:
Tests will be worth 20 points and are open-note. This does NOT mean open-internet. Calculators should only be used when provided within the test itself. We ask that all students display the utmost academic integrity while taking the test and that parents monitor test taking when possible. Please note that testing is an individual activity, and students should not work together to complete their test. Cheating and academic dishonesty will result in an automatic zero on the test without the possibility of retaking the test.

How long do we have to take the test?
All tests will be timed. Once students open the test, they will have 60 minutes to complete it. Students need to write down the questions, show all their work, and box their answers, and then upload a picture of their test document to Google Classroom under that chapter test’s assignment information. Tests will not be graded unless students upload proof of their work. 

Test Corrections
I will not be assigning test corrections. 

Due to COVID-19, retakes will not be given during the school closure. It is impossible to ensure that retakes can be conducted in a controlled, fair environment during this time, and as such, retakes will not be offered during this time.