8th grade Cougars, your time at Chaparral is quickly coming to an end.  Let me take this time to remind you of a few things:
  • Last quarter reading logs are due the week of May 15-19th
  • Second semester Quickwrites will be checked the week of May 15-19th
  • The last day to turn in missing assignments is May 19th; there will be NO EXCEPTIONS.  If you have several missing assignments and are in danger of failing the class, please do not wait until the last minute to turn in assignments.
  • Missing assignments prior to March will no longer be accepted. 
Please keep in mind school is not over yet, finish out the year strong!!
Sick/Absent Days:  It is your responsibility to check the website prior to your return from being absent.  Please do not come to me upon your return and ask what was missed in class.  1.  Check the website   2. Verify with a classmate 3. See me for handouts or clarification
**Please note, you are expected to write down your assignments in your Binder Reminder, which you received during registration.  This website should be used as a reference to double check instructions/assignments given in class.  There may be instances when this is not updated, so please do not replace your binder reminder with this web site.