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Welcome to Chaparral 6th graders! I am Mr. Ruiz one of the 6th grade PE teachers this year along with Mrs. Prudhomme. This is the start of my 22nd year here at Chaparral and 33rd year as a  teacher. Besides being your 6th grade PE teacher I am also the Athletic Director and a Coach for our afterschool sports program.

This year we will focus on developing skills necessary for a healthy and active lifestyle. We will also work on social interaction and cooperation with one another. Let's work hard and have some fun doing it!
 PE Uniforms can be purchased during registration or from me or Mrs. Prudhomme during your PE period. Prices are $12 for the shirt, $12 for shorts, $5 for sport bags and $3 for a sportfolio. Please inform me if you need to use an alternative uniform or need some type of financial assistance. You may also choose to opt out of purchasing the Chaparral uniform and bring your own pair of black sport shorts as well as a plain yellow t-shirt to change into. 

A water bottle is a great extra to have during PE. Chaparral hats may also be worn during PE. Remember to practice good hygiene by taking your uniform home weekly to wash.

The new school year brings anxiety with the anticipation of many opportunities here at Chaparral for you to try. Afterschool sports are a great way to get involved. There is a 6th grade cross country team as well as a 7th grade flag football team and girls volleyball team in the fall that you can tryout for. I will be giving more information about this during class.

Students are expected to use only their assigned locker and dress out at school only during PE. Please see me if you are having any issues with your locker or uniform.
I hope you have a fun, healthy and successful first year here at Chaparral!

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