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8th Grade -  Design-Based Learning
                    Humanities - Social Studies/Language Arts
8th Grade -  Common CoreLanguage Arts
Using design, creativity and hard work, students in the eighth grade can expect a fun and challenging experience toward academic success.  In preparation for learning and testing of  the Common Core Standards, students will engage the DBL process and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) methodology.
Homework usually consist of asssignments that are not completed in class or projects that require further time investment.  Any new assignmnents  will be posted on the Google Classroom page on a regular basis.   Homework is also posted in classroom  along with criteria for any projects.  It is expected to be completed and turned in on the next class meeting time unless stated otherwise.  Late work is always accepted and expected, though for reduced credit.   In case of absence, the work is due upon return to class unless other arrangements have been made. 
Extra Credit
Bonus points are given for homework and classwork that exceeds the highest expectations.  Also, students may propose an idea for a presentable project related to the curriculum if all assignments are completed and will be given points based on effort, achievement and connections to other curriculum or personal expierience.  Class wide extra credit options will be given quarterly.
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