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Attention all current GATE and prospective GATE students! We will be having a MANDATORY meeting in the MPR on Friday, January 7th and Monday, January 10th regarding our Spring Enrichment classes. You must attend one of these meetings in order to receiving information about our enrollment process this year. 

A separate web page has been set up with additional GATE information...please refer to the this address:


Questions?  Please e-mail Mrs. Cardona at [email protected]


    • WVUSD Philosophy

           The Walnut Valley Unified School District believes that all children, including the Gifted and Talented students, should be given the opportunity to learn new and challenging material. A rigorous curriculum is offered during the school day through differentiated instruction in all subject areas. We believe that flexible grouping provides opportunities for the students to interact with their intellectual peers and provides for continuous intellectual growth.

           Teachers of GATE children receive training to provide quality education for all students and to focus on the development of the highest potential for each child. Each child's success is our top priority.

      GATE Identification Process

      • In order to qualify for GATE in the past, students must have scored in the Exceeds Expectations (4) range in both the ELA and Math SBAC tests for two years in a row.
      • Because of the pandemic, we do not have 2 recent consecutive years of testing data.
      • All students who were not previously identified as GATE will have an opportunity during our Spring semester to register for after-school enrichment classes.
        • Eligibility will be based off of their GPA, attendance, and citizenship grades for the Fall 2021 semester.
      • Students will need to reapply each spring for our enrichment classes.

District Transfer Students

  • During registration, submit a copy of your student’s official GATE forms/letters from your previous school district to the Chaparral office.
  • Identified students will receive a permission form in the mail that must be signed by a parent/guardian and mailed back to the WVUSD district office.  

Announcements and After-School GATE Classes

  • After-school enrichment classes are available during spring semester
  • These classes are optional, and the offerings may change from year to year
  • GATE students should listen to all announcements in their Advocacy classes and on CCNN for more information on the enrollment schedule

Student Responsibilities

  • GATE students need to work to their potential
  • Choose assignments that challenge the mind
  • Complete quality work on time
  • Maintain grades that indicate the student is working at his/her full potential
  • Assume leadership roles
  • Realize that we control our own destiny

GATE in High School

  • ALL students must test to be placed into the Honors/AP courses in high school and maintain a certain grade (85%) in those classes. GATE identification does not apply to Honors/AP class placement.

Encourage your child to work to their full potential!

      • Student achievement, not GATE designation, ensures success.
        • Many students not identified as GATE will place into higher level classes and be successful.
        • College acceptance is based on the student’s achievements, not on the GATE label.

For more information, please contact Mrs. Cardona at [email protected]


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