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Parent Square Communication

Parent Square is our official communication platform for Chaparral Middle School.
We apologize for any inconvenience resulting from data errors. If you are not receiving our Parent Square information, this website represents the exact message that has gone out through Parent Square. This website will remain active until we are able to resolve the issue we are having. 
Hello Chaparral Community,
I hope everyone is looking forward to getting over this current heat wave as much as I am!
This is just a reminder that we have our first late start day on Wednesday, September 14.
  • 1st Period will start at 8:54 AM.
  • Morning drop-off traffic is typically a little heavier on late start days, so please leave plenty of time to account for the extra traffic.
  • Morning supervision is not available before 7:30 AM. Please do not drop your child off before then as they may be unsupervised. Once your child enters campus, they must stay on campus (they may not leave to wander around the neighborhood, etc.).
  • School will dismiss at the regular time (2:05 PM).
  • The bell schedule is linked here for your reference: LINK HERE
A few other friendly reminders:
  • When exiting the school parking lot and going up the hill on Ironbark, please do not stop to make a left turn onto Pecan Grove as it creates a backup that causes gridlock. Instead, please continue driving up the hill to the next intersection. Your assistance with this is greatly appreciated by all.
  • The next few Wednesdays are all late start days; however, not all Wednesdays are not necessarily late start days. Please see the following block calendar for a breakdown of which days are late start days: LINK HERE
Thank you!
Mr. Jung
Hello Chaparral Community:

Please observe all of the following notes:

  • This Friday (9/2) is a minimum day. School begins at 8:00 AM and ends at 11:01 AM. 
  • This Friday (9/2), our office will close at 12:30 PM.
  • Monday (9/5) is a holiday. Our school will be closed.
A monthly principal's newsletter is linked HERE for your reading pleasure.

Thank you!
Mr. Jung
(This letter has been translated into Mandarin here).
Dear Chaparral Parents / Guardians:
Thank you for your patience over the last two days. Your child’s safety is our top priority at Chaparral Middle School.
The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has deemed that the graffiti alluding to a threat from yesterday was not credible, and there is no ongoing threat to Chaparral Middle School. Distasteful pranks, such as this one, can cause a major disruption to our school and unnecessary fear in our school community.
Be assured that Walnut Valley Unified School District takes these matters seriously. Any student(s) responsible for this type of action will be held accountable to the extent permitted by California Education Code. Further, per law enforcement, student(s) responsible will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law as this is deemed a felony criminal act.
To support our Chaparral students, our trained team of administrators, counselors, and school psychologist visited every classroom to provide support, share steps that we have taken to address this issue, and remind students that their voice matters. Ongoing resources such as “see something, say something” and the availability of our counselors was shared with our students. Additionally, multiple deputies were on our campus today to assure our students of their safety and to build relationships with them.
Parents, we appreciate you taking the time to have conversations with your children about school safety. If your child has any ongoing concerns, please have them reach out to their school counselor.
Thank you for partnering with us to ensure the success and safety of every student on our campus.
Mr. Jung
Video Message (same content as email):
Dear Chaparral Parents / Guardians,
Earlier today, I sent you a message regarding an incident on campus. While the Sheriff's office is still investigating the incident, I want to communicate to you that the threat has been deemed not credible.
Also, I want to communicate to you some of the resources that we have in place tomorrow at school to ensure that we have a positive school day.
Sheriff's deputies will be on campus tomorrow actively monitoring our campus. District campus security will also be on the Chaparral campus monitoring student activity. My leadership team has canceled all of our planned meetings during the school day to ensure that we can give our students and our campus our full attention throughout the school day.
Please encourage your child to speak to their teacher or their counselor or any adult on our campus should they need assistance processing this incident.
As a parent, these are not the messages that you would ever want to receive from a school. As a principal, these are never the messages that I want to send. However, you have my commitment that my staff and I, along with our partner agencies, will be working diligently to ensure a safe learning environment for your child tomorrow.
If there are further updates tomorrow, I will be sure to provide them through these communication channels. 
Thank you.
Mr. Jung
Dear Parents/Guardians:
Today, it was reported to our staff that there was some graffiti in a student restroom alluding to a threat against the school. The sheriff’s department has been notified and has been on campus. While they do not believe it to be a credible threat, their response is to investigate it as a crime against the school. Out of an abundance of caution, they will also be on campus tomorrow as a precautionary measure. We will keep you informed as more information becomes available.
School safety is my priority. Our school and staff are trained to respond to events such as these. I am grateful that this was reported to us. I am also thankful for the response of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, which was swift and professional. As a team, we will continue to prioritize your child’s safety and well-being while on our campus. I anticipate having a normal day of school tomorrow.
As any updates or more information becomes available, I will message you through this same communication channel.
Hello Chaparral Cougars,

This is just a reminder that Picture Day is tomorrow (Wednesday August 17). You will be taking pictures during your PE class (you will not be dressing for PE on this day).* These pictures will be used for the yearbook, your own portraits if you order them, and your ID cards.

To purchase pictures, please utilize the flyer that was sent home. Or, you can order online at:
Picture Day ID: EVTTCMFT4

Please enter all information exactly as it appears in our school records (Aeries).

*Parents are not permitted on campus to escort their students during their picture slot.

Please consider supporting Chaparral Middle School through our Community Club's Ed Support Campaign. Each child received an envelope through their advocacy classes today. Please ask your child for these forms so you can see all of the information on there. Your support is very much appreciated.

Please note that we do not accept items for delivery to the students (such as lunches, homework, etc.). We believe that it causes a disruption to the learning environment when deliveries are being made to the classrooms during instructional time. So, in order to minimize the disruption, we have this policy in place. Thank you for your understanding.

When exiting the campus, please continue driving up Ironbark past Pecan Grove. When you do this, you can turn onto Birds Eye, which will allow you to ultimately exit to Diamond Bar Blvd (please check your maps first). This will help keep the flow of traffic moving so that additional cars can move into the parking lot to dropoff or pickup their students.

Thank you!
The Chaparral Team
Hello Chaparral Cougars:

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I cannot wait to see you all tomorrow. Here are a few helpful reminders for this week:

Students, please check your block calendar (in your binder reminder) to know what schedule we will be on for a given day. For example, Monday August 15 will be an A3 day, which means you will attend Period 3, Advocacy, Period 5, and Period 1, in that order.

Picture day is on Wednesday August 17. You will be going to the gym for pictures through your PE classes. You will take one picture which will represent your yearbook portrait and your ID card. Parents are not allowed to accompany students to their picture day appointment. You will not be dressing for PE on this date.
To purchase pictures:
  • Visit
  • Enter your Picture Day ID# EVTTCMFT4
  • Enter your child's info (name, grade, parent name) exactly as it is entered in our school records
  • Or, please ask your child for the flyer that they brought home

Thank you for your patience with the traffic in and around the school during dropoff and pickup. Your patience is greatly appreciated. Please note these reminders:
  • Crossing the street where there is no designated crosswalk is not allowed. Please utilize the crosswalk at the corner of Spruce Tree and Ironbark (north-south) or the crosswalk at the exit of the staff parking lot (east-west).
  • When exiting the school parking lot and heading back up the hill on Ironbark, please continue to proceed past Pecan Grove to Bird's Eye. This will allow you to exit the neighborhood via Mountain Laurel OR Maple Hill, greatly reducing the traffic. 
Thank you. We will see you tomorrow.

Mr. Jung
Hello Chaparral Cougars,

Here are two important reminders for Thursday August 11.

Back to School Night is on Thursday August 11 from 6:00PM to 7:30PM. You are welcome to park in the staff lot or in the surrounding neighborhood (please follow all street signs and be courteous to our neighbors). The attached PDF includes more details. Your child will also bring a printed copy of the linked file home on Thursday so they can review their class locations with you. Please keep in mind:
  • One parent per child (if you have more than one child at Chaparral, you are welcome to bring an equal number of parents)
  • Follow the schedule (bells will ring for your reference)
  • Helpers will be available on campus to help you locate classrooms (please familiarize yourself with class locations by having a conversation with your child prior to the event)
  • Teachers will present on their classes to you; please reserve individual student questions and progress updates for another time
Thursday August 11 is the first day of regular block schedule. On this day, your child will come to school and report to the following periods (in order):
  • Period 1
  • Advocacy
  • Break
  • Period 3
  • Lunch
  • Period 5
Then on Friday August 12, your child will come to school and report to the following periods (in order):
  • Period 2
  • Advocacy
  • Break
  • Period 4
  • Lunch
  • Period 6
On Monday August 15. your child will report to:
  • Period 3
  • Advocacy
  • Break
  • Period 5
  • Lunch
  • Period 1
On Tuesday August 16, your child will report to:
  • Period 4
  • Advocacy
  • Break
  • Period 6
  • Lunch
  • Period 2
On Wednesday August 17, your child will have a six period day (school start and end time does not change: 8:00AM and 2:05PM):
  • This is the same schedule your child had on Tuesday and Wednesday August 9 and August 10.
As the days and weeks move along, your child will get the hang of which classes are on which days. When we greet students in the morning, we also will remind those who need the reminder with their starting period for the day.

Thank ​you to all our families who are keeping safety at the forefront of our dropoff and pickup procedures. Please continue to adhere to our guidelines; also, please continue to follow the instructions of all staff members. I want to encourage you to explore other ways to exit the neighborhood after you start heading up the Ironbark ​hill - Mountain Laurel is not the ​only way out of here! Thank you for your patience as all 1200 families learn to navigate their new routes!

Thank you.

--The Chaparral Team