2022-2023 Cougar of the Month

September Cougar of the Month - 2022-2023
First Name Last Name Grade Content Area/Class Reason you are recommending this student:
Paige Anderson 6 Math
Hardworking, kind and helpful
Rohan Baca 6 Science
Excellent Effort in Science and
Outstanding SCRATCH Skills
Lucas Carvajal 6 Language Arts
Excellent effort and participation,
super helpful
to class and peers
Kingston Cheng 6 Humanities Effort and Achievement
Isabella Correa 6 Math and Science Excellent effort and achievement. 
Jason Lam 6 ELD 1
Outstanding Effort, Achievement,
and Citizenship
Austin  Le 6 Prelude Orchestra
Outstanding participation, leadership,
and willingness to help
Evan Lee 6 Math  
Belinda Li 6 Social Science Outstanding effort and achievement
Brista Lin 6 Spanish Excellent effort and achievement. 
Ryan  Manning 6 Language Arts
Outstanding effort, participation,
and citizenship
Ryan Manning 6 Physical Education Excellent Effort and Sportsmanship
Aubree Mc Pherson 6 Social Studies  Excellent Character
Nirati Pendekanti 6 Science
Excellent participation and ownership
in her learning journey 
Annabelle Wang 6 Mathematics
Excellent effort and achievement
in mathematics
Makai Franklin 7 Mathematics
Outstanding effort and positive
attitude, outstanding style
Yunpeng Geng 7 Science
Excellent Effort and Participation
in Science
Yunpeng Geng 7 study skills/ reading hard working and helpful to all peers
Jacob Hong 7 Humanities
Excellent effort, achievement,
and character
Serafim Hosea 7 Science and Math Excellent effort and character
Eva Jorgensen 7 Mathematics
Excellent participation and
ownership in her learning journey
Norina Joseph 7 Physical Education
Outstanding Effort and
Eunice Kwon 7 Language Arts Positive attitude and joy in learning
Matthew Latino 7 Social Science Outstanding effort and attitude
Ian  Martinez 7 Physical Education Outstanding effort & attitude
Lannie Wang 7 Math
Excellent effort and achievement
in math
Liya Zhu 7 Science Excellent effort and achivement
Kairavi  Dass 8 Social Science
Great Effort and Attitude in
Social Studies
Haydar Gemadi 8 Language Arts
Wonderful participation and
outstanding effort
Xavier Haines 8 all areas
Amazing academic acheiment and
super positive attitude
Brennen Halili 8 Guitar
Outstanding participation, attitude, and
acheivement in music
Rohan Jain 8 English Language Arts
Wonderful participation in class and
great leadership
Rohan Jain 8 Social Studies
Excellent effort, participation,
Jenna Lewis 8 Physical Education
Outstanding Effort, Achievement,
and Citizenship
Grace Ni 8 Visual Art Perseverance and Creativity in Art
Joseph Oliva 8 Math Excellent effort and participation
Gianna Reyes 8 DBL Humanities Excellent effort and achivement
Naeema Roman-Engelhart 8 Science Excellent effort and achievement. 
Isabella Shon 8 Science Excellent Effort and Academic Merit
Katie Tsai 8 Algebra
Excellent effort and willingness to
help others
William Tung 8 Physical Education
Outstanding participation, attitude, and
effort in Physical Education
Zachary Zhi 8 CCNN Leadership
Lucas Lee 8 WInd Ensemble Excellent student, kind, and helpful