What a strange and confusing time we are currently experiencing, due to the unprecedented coronavirus pandemic.  So much has changed.  And yet some things still remain the same - like preparing for the future.

To the right you will find a link to our Homework Page for Distance Learning.  While we will primarily be using Google Classroom to submit our assignments, it is here you will find more details concerning instructions, guidance, materials, and links for assignments to complete / turn in during the year.

If you have questions, please first try to use one of the many "How To..." links - also found to the right.  If you can't find your answer there, please don't hesitate to e-mail me at jreutzel@wvusd.org.  I will usually get back to you within 24 hours.
I am hoping that we will have a fun, informative year ahead of us!  But I know that we all have lots of questions, and probably a bunch of uncertainty and nervousness - myself included!  Don't worry!  We’ll get through it together.  To make it easier, please remember to be patient with everyone.  Follow instructions/procedures as best as possible.  Ask lots of questions (Science is all about asking questions!).  Be the best you can be EVERY DAY!