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 Hello! Welcome to Mr. Miller's Web Page. 
Please use the links at the right to navigate to the information you need.
If you have suggestions, links, or information for the site, please e-mail me with them. 
Homework Page:  Double check the assignments that SHOULD have been written in the binder reminders.  Sometimes extra info. will be posted here to help with assignments.  Also, you can usually find links for homework assignments here.
Recent Assignment Instructions Page:  Get additional instructions to help with study guides, projects, or just simple homework assignments.  Lost an assignment?  Go to the bottom of the page and download it to print.
Cool and Safe Science Links:  Lots of great links to explore as well as the links to pages or videos for homework assignments.
Photos:  Find photos to help you finish your labs or examples of projects here.
Additional Support:  Audio of each section from our science books.  Listen along to help you strengthen your science reading.
7th Grade Catalina Camp:  If you missed or lost a notice that was handed out in Advocacy - go here to find it and print it.
Catalina Chaperones:  Go here to find any info. about becoming a chaperone or forms needed after you are on the list.  First chance to get on list at the Parent Meeting at the end of October or beginning of November.  Look for details in notices coming home in Advocacy.
Michael Miller
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